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'The area that your sensing body is in direct relationship to. The phenomena you are aware of that make up your perceptual reality/field.

‘The beyond-the-horizon, by withholding its presence, holds open the perceived landscape, while the under-the-ground, by refusing its presence, supports the perceived landscape’[1].

So by widening your perceptual field you increase your perception to what is withheld, over the horizon. You are in effect going into the future. And by deepening your perceptual field you increase your perception to what is refused, under the ground. You are in effect going into the past. Think of being in a room; the person who has the sharpest hearing knows when someone is about to approach the door. Their present time includes the future of the colleague who is not yet aware the door is about to open.
As a craniosacral therapist, deepening and widening our perceptual field allows us to feel what is hidden in the other’s body; it allows us to have some relationship to their past and their future by increasing the possibilities of the present moment.'[2]




A core skill in biodynamic craniosacral therapy is being able to shift your perceptual field to the needs of the client. This is a constant dance that needs to be continually negotiated in the therapeutic relationship. Some people heal in space, some people heal in containment.


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