Sacral Hold

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Common Holds


Sacral hold

A very common hold in cranial work. It is often uncomfortable for the student to learn at the start of their studies, but quickly becomes much easier with practice. For more images and discussion of how to set up the sacral hold go to Pelvic Holds

Bi wiki hold sacrum nz.jpg


Sacral hold: Elbow between knees, reaching over knees

Some schools teach this variation as the main way to hold the sacrum. Rarely used on BI courses. You need to sit a bit higher so your arm can clear over the knee easily. (No image)

Treatment Notes

Working with the Intraosseous sacrum

The sacrum does not fully ossify until the age of 10[1]. Try feeling the inner breathing of the bone, the motility, as well as the involuntary movements between the ilia. The sacrum can hold shapes within its architecture due to early life events - how may times do we fall on our sacrum and coccyx before the age of 10?

Relevant Anatomy


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