Cranial Rhythmic Impulse CRI

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Cranial rhythmic impulse, commonly just know as CRI, is the quickest palpable tidal unfoldment of breath of life. It is a variable rate, but usually 8 to 12 cycles/min or approximately 6 seconds to complete a cycle.[1]


Osteopaths Rachel and John Woods in 1961, according to McPartland and Skinner (2005).[2]


CRI tends to be felt locally and is most often about tissues patterns.

CRI can be undervalued by biodynamic practitioners. On Body Intelligence Trainings we value CRI as a true expression of the breath of life, sometimes it is really important to acknowledge what the client can show you at that moment. Sutherland and Becker would have spent years working at CRI and being very precise in their awareness of the tiny movements of structures under their fingers.


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